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Posted By On 06-09-2020

Small Claims Court in Ontario is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice. This Court can make a big impact in not only resolving monetary disputes, but also help individuals enforce orders.


The Small Claims Court deals with matters regarding monetary disputes arising between individuals or entities of an amount not exceeding $35,000.00.  There are a variety of areas which these disputes may arise and include, but are not limited to:


Finances can become stressful, especially when unexpected expenses arise that you are not prepared for.  Obtaining a loan, whether it be a bank, friend or family member can benefit.  As we all know, a loan needs to be paid back.  When the lender does not get the money back, it can cause financial hardship and unnecessary stress.  Luckily, the Small Claims Court allows for the lender to file a Claim with the Court and sue for the unpaid loan, obtain judgment and enforce it.


It is very common for a homeowner to hire a contractor to do renovations inside the home or outside on the property.  Unfortunately, these jobs may not always go over as smoothly as expected.  There may be instances where the customer doesn't pay the contractor, or the contractor doesn't fulfill their obligations.  In either scenario, the Small Claims Court is able to assist in resolving contractor disputes including the filing of construction liens.


To provide a brief description, wrongful dismissal occurs when the employer terminates the employee’s contract without cause. Remedies are available to those who have been the victims of wrongful dismissal.

Often, the Small Claims Court is a straight forward process however that is not always the case.  Small Claims Court proceedings are very intricate, detailed and have rules in place. We recently published a detailed step-by-step guide how to file a small claims action and we invite you to read it. 

We believe affordable justice does matter and should be accessible to everyone. Trust the professional advice of Balatidis Legal Services; small claims court paralegals servicing Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.

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