Discover Professional Employment Law Advice In Mississauga

Both sides of the employment coin require protocols to be followed at all times. For an employer you must ensure that you’re offering the right pay and abiding by the law. For an employee it’s integral that your roles and responsibilities are handled effectively during each shift and you get Employment Law Advice you need. Problems will, however, occur during the course of this relationship – it’s inevitable.

At Balatidis Legal you’ll be able to gain expert help from a professional in the industry without the need for complicated legal talk. Peter Balatidis is able to offer you employment law advice in Mississauga to guide you towards the right decision or to advise you on your next steps.

For employers:

There can be many disputes at work which will become a strain on your resources. When you speak to Peter Balatidis you’ll be presented with a number of options which could help the situation and avoid any legal action being taken against you or your staff.

For employees:

It’s always stressful having to balance your work and social life, but you can also come across many other problems. Whether you’re worried about the way you’re being treated, or you have a question about your rights, you’ll be able to gleam the answers from Balatidis Legal.

If you’d like to get employment law advice in Mississauga, make sure to get in contact with Peter Balatidis.

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