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Small Claims

Taking someone to small claims court?   Most people don?t like the idea of having to sue or being sued for damages in the small claims court, but when you?ve suffered damage or financial loss due to someone else?s negligence or willful acts, it is important to get the compensation that you need and deserve... READ MORE

Landlord & Tenant Board

Looking for Landlord & Tenant Eviction Paralegal Services Ontario? Owning rental property in Mississauga and in the Greater Toronto Area can be a great way to generate income. Unfortunately, having the wrong tenants can end up costing you more... READ MORE


Administrative Tribunal Assistance Ontario

The Paralegal Firm of Balatidis Legal Services offers Administrative Tribunal Assistance Ontario and can assist you in matters that involve Administrative Tribunals matters being before:


Are you a Mechanic who sometimes struggles to receive payment from a customer on a completed repair job or storage invoice?  Do you believe you are being over charged for storage of your vehicle? Is your vehicle not being release from a storage yard because you are refusing to pay an overpriced invoice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then... READ MORE

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