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Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board - Residential Property Managers

As a residential property manager, you know how complex and unforgiving the Residential Tenancies Act can be.   It's not only extensive, but the language & breadth of the information isn’t tailored to corporate landlords and residential property managers.  Balatidis Legal Services is ready to fight for you and protect your investment property. We will represent Ontario residential property managers on all landlord and tenant disputes and small claims matters.

Residential Property Manager Paralegal Services

  • Applications for Rent Arrears;
  • Persistent Late Payments;
  • Damages caused to the unit by the tenant or their guest;
  • Interference with the landlords rights and the rights of the other tenants;
  • Above Guideline rent Increases;
  • Defending Tenant Applications.
  • Request for Review Applications.
We’ll also enforce judgments obtained at the landlord-tenant board, and enforce eviction proceedings through the Sheriff's office. When judgments need to be enforced, that’s where other landlord-tenant lawyers and landlord-tenant paralegals may step back – but this is where our firm shines. Through our skip tracing services, we may be able to locate individuals and their assets to collect the debt. However, many residential property managers don’t bother, as the compensation is rarely worth the hassle and aggravation. Finding  landlord-tenant lawyers at a cost-effective price is equally as challenging. When it comes to getting you the desired outcome and the compensation you deserve, there’s no hesitation. We believe affordable justice should be accessible to everyone and our office  does provide discounts to residential property managers for bulk matters. Trust the professional advice of Balatidis Legal Services, a landlord and tenant paralegal servicing Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.