Wills & Estates – Latest Updates

Posted By On 12-11-2016

Wills & Estates - Latest Updates

At Balatidis Legal Services, your Mississauga Paralegal, we understand the importance of ensuring our loved ones are protected once we are gone.  Although legal matters surrounding Wills & Estates is not within the scope of our practice, Balatidis Legal Services cannot provide any type of legal advice, but we can have a general discussion on the topic.

No one really wants to talk about their last will and testament, but this is one legal issue and matter you don’t want to leave unattended until it is too late. After all, it could lead to a major rift in your family, one which you will not be around to mend.

The importance of having a very clear will and estate takes on even greater magnitude if you have children from more than one marriage, if you have adopted children or even if you don’t have any children at all. Getting expert legal advice relating to wills & estates can save your loved ones heartache and grief at a time when they really need to focus on grieving and recovery.

Wills & Estates is one legal issue you don’t want to leave unattended. Call Balatidis Legal to be referred to a Wills & Estates lawyer in your area or visit the Law Society of Ontario's Lawyer Referral Service to be connected to a Wills & Estates lawyer in your area.

We believe affordable justice matters and  should be accessible to everyone. Trust the professional advice of Balatidis Legal Services your Mississauga Paralegal; servicing Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.

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