My landlord is trying to evict me because they or their family want to move in. What should I do?

Landlords Purchasers Own Use

If you are a landlord or a tenant, it a must that know the rules and regulations surrounding a tenancy.  It’s vital that you have a paralegal for landlord and tenant disputes in Mississauga or in the Greater Toronto Area by your side.  At Balatidis Legal Services,  we understand the financial and mental burden of being involved in a landlord/tenant board dispute. Balatidis Legal Services has significant experience dealing with N12 applications for the Landlords or Purchasers Own Use.

Investment properties and N12 expertise in Mississauga

As a paralegal for landlord and tenant Landlords Purchasers Own Use applications in Mississauga, Peter can impart his unparalleled legal experience in the area to ensure you can keep your investment property is working competitively and safely.

To discover the full extent of Balatidis Legal Services's depth of expertise,  get in contact with Peter today. You can be certain of receiving professional advice and guidance from the very beginning.

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